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Which Rainwater Downpipe Filter, Diverter or Water Butt connector?

Which waterbutt downpipe filter, diverter or water butt connector should I use?
We're often asked "which downpipe filter or diverter should I go for?". Well there's quite a few considerations so we thought we'd compile the following table to guide our customers through the process. Please use the table with the product listings as they reveal more information and have some how to videos also.
The table starts with whether it will fit (size) and suit (colour) your downpipe without significant modification.  It should be noted that the Regendieb Original downpipe filter does require a socket to fit to UK 68mm downpipe. Clearly some products which are suitable for 68mm round can be modfied to suit 65mm square with use of a 68mm round to 65 square adaptor.
The next set of questions are whether you require a filter or simply a diverter on your downpipe, whether this be self cleaning and how fine a filtration you require. For example if you have a lot of fine debris then perhaps you require a fine mesh so this does not enter your water butt. You may be considering rainwater harvesting with a pump and certainly don't want fine material to clog up your pump.
Following filtration the next  set of questions are related to installation, how simply is the item installed and whether all tools are provided. It should be noted that all downpipe filters provide a section of flexible  hose and a tank connector except the Regendieb series which provides an external tank grommet which is compatible with a small section of solid pipework provided.
Finally, the last question relates to efficiency and yield of your downpipe filter. If you have a high demand and a large roof area you want to ensure you are capturing the majority of the rainfall. The single biggest obstacle to this is the outlet diameter which can throttle the flow, forcing it to bypass back down the downpipe internal overflow prematurely. This is certainly the case during intense summer storms when water is required the most! A large outlet helps the passage of flow.
For some anecdotal information take a look at the blog here especiallt this article on how to fit a water butt and water butt connector filter or diverter post.


3P Universal Filter Collector

Regendieb Pro

Regendieb Original

3P Rain Collector

Graf Filling Device

Graf Quattro

Graf Speedy

Graf Speedy Quattro


3P Rainus

3P leaf catcher

Ward Water Butt filler Filler


Suitable for UK 110mm downpipe?

Suitable for 68mm round downpipe?

Suitable for 65mm square downpipe?

Available in black, brown, grey and white?

Black, brown, grey and white

Grey and brown

Grey and brown

Grey and brown

Grey and


Grey and 




Black, brown, and white

Grey and brown

Black and grey




Filter AND diverter?

Self cleaning filter ?

Fine mesh <1mm?



speed fit or conventional

Drill bit provided?

Winter function

(off valve)




High Flow Outlet (32mm minimum)



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