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JCDecaux Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Installations


JCDecaux are a a leading outdoor advertising company in the UK and worldwide. 

With a number of commercial sites, vehicles and wider logistics operation the associated water usage is high. 

Freeflush Rainwater Harvesting were approached to look at rainwater reuse on sites with the potential to reduce potable water use reducing overheads and reducing carbon footprint associated with the production of clean water. 

Freeflush provided a feasbility assessment which included the following: 

- Desktop Study of supply and demand
- Technical feasibility options based on the layout of the commercial unit 
- Calculation using our Rainwater Harvesting Software (DROP)
- Outline Schematics of inflows, potential tank location, Filter location 
- Identification of Risks and Opportunities 
- Option appraisal with Costings and Cost Benefit. 


Through this exercise it became clear there was an opportunity to implement a low cost - high cost benefit scheme. The favourable cost benefit was due to low capital cost and high demand of the site i.e. significant reduction in potable (chargeable) water. 


The installation included a high capacity tank, commercial grade rainwater filter, mains back up, tank level gauge and water meters


Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Installation

This form of installation is typical of many of the installations Freeflush are involved in. The installation represent a low capital cost installation with a high return, typically with a return on investment within 5 years. The installation requires minimal maintenance or intervention due to the passive nature of the components.