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Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

There are many benefits of a rainwater collection system, including:

Environmental Protection:

The Environment Agency manages over 20,000 abstraction and impoundment licences across England in order to balance water availability and water demand.

The Environment Agency for England and Wales has already classified some areas of the UK as under serious water Stress.

15% of river catchments in England and Wales are classed as "over abstracted" and 18% as "over licensed"

Rainwater harvesting reduces water demand which in turn reduces the need to abstract
water from rivers which are already suffering from over abstraction.

Saving on water bills.

Toilets use around 30% of the total water used in a household, whilst clothes washing accounts for 13% There are around 45 million toilets in UK homes, using an estimated two billion litres of fresh water every day! Over seven million of those are old style single flush toilets which use 13 litres of water per flush.

Our products allow rainwater to be used to flush the toilet and in the washing machine, protecting the environment and reducing water bills.

Good For Plants - keep it natural.

Perhaps surprisingly, drinking water is not the best for your plants. Keep it natural with rainwater! Rainwater is soft and is largely free of minerals, salts and chemicals. Rainwater is also slightly acidic which is what most plants prefer.

Reduces the Scale and Response of Flooding.

Rainwater harvesting is able to attenuate storm runoff entering the surface water drainage system. This in turn lops off the peak flow experienced in the surface water system which in turn limits the scale of flooding and the total volume of rainfall making its way through the system. This light touch method to attenuate rainfall at source also prevents the need for water companies to develop significant capital storage schemes which can be extremely expensive, environmentally detrimental and disruptive to local communities. For rainwater harvesting to work well in this way the rainwater harvesting system must be optimised to provide adequate storage and adequate storage prior to a storm. Our in-house rainwater harvesting software has been used to do this tasks precisely.

Capital Enhanced Allowances for Business users.

A number of the freeflush products are increasingly being listed with the Enhanced Capital allowance (ECA) scheme.

The Water Technology List (WTL) provides information on products that meet eligibility criteria in water efficiency. Investing in any product on the WTL not only offers savings on water bills but also a tax incentive to all UK businesses that pay corporation or income tax. The Government's Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme allows businesses to write off 100% of the cost of equipment against tax in the year of purchase.

More details of the scheme can be found by clicking here.

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