Rain Collector Speedy fit water butt filter for circular downpipes


Rain collector Speedy

Rain collector for filling rainwater containers

This smart device allows you to fit a water butt diverter with minimal messing around with the downpipe. 

Conventional downpipe filters and water butt connectors require 2 cuts in the existing downpipe with the filter or diverter sitting in line with the downpipe. 

This nifty innovative device allows the downpipe to be cut with a holesaw (provided) and the connector is imply inserted into the hole and tightened up. 

If you require this device for a square/rectangular downpipe consider the rain collector speedy quattro. 

Key Features: 

    • No removal of the downpipe for the max. 50 m² installation
    • Distance between downpipe and wall is irrelevant
    • Including filter and overflow function
    • Summer/winter operation
    • Downpipe sizes 70-100 mm
    • Including core drill and connection seal
    • Max. roof area 80 m²