Slimline wall hung water butts

On this page you’ll find all of our wall hung water butts.

If you’re limited in space, wall hung water butts may be the way to go. They allow you to retain all of your available ground space for other uses. They also have a more slimline design than the ground models, and are therefore more unobtrusive. Since they are higher up, an additional benefit is that they allow you to fill your watering can without bending over.

Unlike the standard water butts, which are placed on the ground, you can use a hose comfortably with these models. If the water butt was on the ground it would be too low to supply the necessary pressure to allow the use of a hose. With a wall mounted water butt the pressure is high enough to allow this, but is still low enough not to blow the petals of your flowers when you’re gardening − the pressure is typically 0.1 bar.

Slimline Water Butts

We offer a range of slimline water butts holding 100 litres to 200 litres, and a slim water butt which holds up to 300 litres.