Rainwater Harvesting Pumps

However the rainwater you collect is being used, one or more pumps are usually required to move the water from the water butt to where it is needed. We supply a full range pumps, and all of them have a manufacturer's guarantee.

There are a variety of things to consider before buying one. Firstly, you need to decide whether the pump will be placed inside or outside the water butt. Pumps placed inside are termed ‘submersible pumps’, whilst those placed outside are termed ‘non-submersible’ or ‘above ground pumps’.

Submersible pumps have special seals to prevent water from the butt damaging them. Since the motor is hidden away inside the butt, it is less likely to be damaged accidentally. For the same reason, there is less noise than there is with a non-submersible pump.

However, there are also a few things you should bear in mind before buying this type of pump. Since a submersible pump is an electrical device operating around water, it is even more important than usual to be safety conscious. In this instance, it’s probably better to get a professional to install it. In addition, if your water tank is above ground its likely to be exposed to freezing weather a submersible pump is probably not a good idea, since the cold will could damage the pump.

Non-submersible pumps, or above ground pumps, are housed outside of the water butt, either on their own or inside a box. These tend to be less expensive than submersible pumps. They are also easier to maintain since they are not hidden away inside the water butt. If freezing weather is a concern this is the way to go. However, as stated earlier, accidental damage and noise may be a problem.