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SuDS Calculation Service

If you're at the pre planning stage, have a planning condition or need to satisfy building control you may require an Attenuation tank sizing design. This may have been completed by an Architect or a drainage engineer. 

In order to complete the calculation we require: 

  • Roof Area (m2)
  • Other hard (ground) surfaces area (m2)
  • Postcode of development 
  • Allowable discharge rate (l/s)
  • Climate change factor (if specified) 
  • Storm profile/duration (if specified) 

If you are combining attenuation with rainwater harvesting the additional info is required:  

  • No of bedrooms of proposed development
  • Use of rainwater - toilet flushing, toilet flushing and irrigation, toilet flushing machine washing and irrigation

Get in touch today to start the SuDS Calculation process.