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Drought in the United Kingdom

We all remember the dramatic pictures of winter 2013-14, when Somerset was flooded for weeks and the train line in Dawlish, Cornwall, was washed away by a series of particularly violent storms, leaving the track hanging in mid-air.

On the other hand, reports of regional droughts and hosepipe bans have become a common occurrence, especially in the South East and the East of England. Over the last decade, water restriction measures have come into force regularly: in 2006, 2007, 20101, and in 2012 when 20 million customers (about a third of the country) were affected2. While rainfall was sufficient to prevent a hosepipe ban in 2013 and 2014, an unseasonably warm winter and a dry April make the outlook for 2015 uncertain.

Between climate change wreaking havoc upon our weather patterns and an ever-growing population, our water supply is under increasing pressure and hosepipe bans will unfortunately become part of our way of life.

What is the solution?

Ignoring a hosepipe ban is a criminal offence punishable with a £1,000 fine, but gardeners all over the country cannot help feeling heartbroken at the thought of their beautifully tended gardens drying out. So, unless you are prepared to grow cacti instead of roses, it is time to consider collecting rainwater.

Harvesting rainwater presents many advantages: it gives you your own water supply during drought; it saves you money on your water bills and it is actually better for plants than tap water. Not to mention that you will be contributing to protecting the environment.

freeflush offers a range of high-quality rainwater harvesting products to suit every need. If you are looking for a complete kit and space is at a premium, our 100l slim water butt will be perfect; while our 300l model will provide you with a greater storage capacity. They come in different finishes and styles, including sandstone and granite, and are unobtrusive.

Wall-mounted or free-standing, all our water butts are manufactured in the UK from MDPE and are durable, unlike cheaper items, while the thick opaque plastic they are made of blocks out light, restricting algae growth and unpleasant odours.

We also sell essential accessories for rainwater harvesting such as diverter kits, filters, water butt taps, rainwater mains back-up valves to top up water butts with tap water and water butt connecting links.

It is easy to underestimate how much rain falls on our roofs, but even a small-sized one will fill a water butt during a moderate downpour. So if you have a roof, you can harvest rainwater and survive hosepipe bans.

If you have any questions about our products or would like some advice, call us today on 0161 667 1241 or email us.

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