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Water butt connector or water butt filter...?


EDIT: Since the below blog we've also launched this helpful knowledge page:

Which Rainwater Downpipe Filter, Diverter or Water Butt connector?...

Autumn is a beautiful season. Our parks and gardens are changing colour and we all love the sound of crisp crunching leaves under foot. The rain will start to fall too – what a great time to fill up our water butts! Leaves, twigs and other autumnal debris combined with water butts are not a good mix. Leaves block gutters and drainpipes and fill water butts, blocking the taps and giving off that funky smell that is more suited to a compost heap. But don’t worry, this isn’t just ‘one of those things’ that you have to accept, there are answers and we have them!

Here at FreeFlush, we supply a whole range of water butt connectors, rainwater diverters and filters for your rainater harvesting needs.

 To solve all of your autumnal issues, we have two types of filters in stock:

  • "Capture filters". These do exactly what they say on the tin! They capture coarse debris, leaves and all of those annoying bits that you spend hours picking out of your water butt in the autumn.
  • "Self cleaning filters". These are the elegant ‘Rolls Royce’ of the filter world.These filter the debris, preventing it from entering the butt and then use the flow of water to clean the filter of the debris – very smart indeed
  • Water butt treatment - an eco-friendly,  non-toxic and chemical free of keeping water storage tanks and butts clear of any algae, scum and even unpleasant smells.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite offerings at the moment:

The Leafcatcher and Guttermate are both "capture filters". The Leafcatcher has no means of diverting rainwater and so can be placed upstream of a conventional diverter or used as a stand alone downpipe debris remover. The Guttermate integrates both a  filter and a diverter in a single unit.  We offer the best gutter leaf guards on the market.

For something up at the ‘all singing, all (rain) dancing’ end of the spectrum,  take a look at the Regendieb series, Original, De Luxe and Pro. Regendieb literally means ‘Rain thief’. It has a self-cleaning circular downpipe filter which showcases simple and innovative German design. The filter can be used on a range of UK downpipe sizes from 68 through to 100mm. The stated yield (efficiency) of this range is 90%,  which is excellent. 

Finally, to keep water butts  free of any algae, scum and even unpleasant smells consider this Water butt treatment - which is eco-friendly,  non-toxic and chemical free !

Please check out our water butt fittings and accessories here.


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