Rainwater Harvesting Accessories

We offer a range of rainwater harvesting accessories, including waterbutt accessories,

rainwater harvesting valves, water butt treatment, pipe linking kits, and more.


A valve allows you to ensure that you always have water in the water butt, even if it hasn’t rained. The valve pulls in mains water as a backup to achieve this.


These are taps to be fitted to a water butt. Although these may come with the butts, they don’t always. You may also prefer to pick out the one you like individually rather than taking the one which comes with the butt.


Water Butt Treatment/Cleaner/Freshener


Sometimes filters are not enough to purify the water to the level you require. Algae, slime, scum and unpleasant smells can remain. When this occurs, it’s advisable to use water butt treatments, cleaners or fresheners. To use, simply pour the specified amount of treatment into the water butt. More info can be found here.

Pipe Linking Kits

If you want to add more storage capacity to your rainwater harvesting system without replacing your existing water butt, you can use a pipe linking kit to connect this butt to a second one. This will cause the butts to fill one after another. Theoretically, as space permits, you could add as many water butts as you like to your rainwater harvesting system to achieve the capacity you require.

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