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The Good Life - Off Grid Water Solutions

The Good Life - Off Grid Water Solutions

If you're thinking of escaping the smog of modern day commercial living in exchange for a more peaceful existence we've prepared a quick guide for those essential water supply and treatment considerations. 

Water Supply

The vast majority of homes in the UK are connected to a central water supply, operated by their local utility company. However, around 1% of the population in England and Wales use a private water supply which would generally be a borehole; in Scotland this figure increases to 3%.

Rainwater as a water supply

Capturing Rainwater is something that any household or business can do but if you are thinking of living off grid this becomes particularly important. Any roof space can become source of water supply. By simply installing a water storage tank, whether that be above or below ground, a large amount of water that would otherwise go to waste can quickly be collected and stored until necessary and delivered on demand to where it is required using a rainwater harvesting system.

Whilst rainwater itself is not suitable for drinking directly after harvesting, there are a number of products that will divert and filter the rainwater  to an acceptable standard for flushing toilets which typically represents 30% of total household demand. 


Water Treatment for Drinking

In some cases however a total off grid solution is required since no other source of water exists and so rainwater purification system is required.

Water that is intended for drinking understandably comes under the most stringent of regulations. If the quality of the water supply is not up to standard a legal notice will be issued, the relevant water company must comply with this notice and take immediate action.

Industrial treatment is carried out in one of two ways, either by the use of ultraviolet (UV) light, membrane or other filter types, or oxidising chemicals (such as ozone or chlorine) in a tightly controlled and monitored process.

If you are thinking about installing an off grid drinking water solution, then these regulations will still apply. To comply with these important drinking water criteria we supply the Rainsafe, an innovative rainwater to drinking water package solution for treating rainwater into drinking water, storing it and delivering it on demand. 


Waste Water Treatment

There are a number of activities that result in wastewater being created, domestically these could include cooking, bathing, washing, using the toilet. 

96% of the UK’s wastewater is treated at large scale waste water treatment plants. This is completed in the following stages:

  • Preliminary treatment
  • Primary treatment
  • Secondary treatment
  • Tertiary treatment 

In an off grid scenario the waste water must be treated to a standard where it can be discharged to a drainage field or a water course. New legislation in the UK requires all new properties and existing properties with a septic tank to be upgraded to a package treatment plant or a small sewage treatment plant. We supply the 

There are also a number of solutions that can be installed on a more local level, such as a GRAF One2Clean domestic sewage treatment plant which treats wastewater to a very high standard allowing it to be discharged to the water course with minimal environmental impact. 

Living in the 'sticks' is dream for many but it does present some challenges: where will the water come from, how should it be treated for drinking and  how will the wastewater be dealt with. Whatever the challenges we have a solution. Most the technologies described above are available for inspection at the Centre for Water Saving technology. 


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