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Gravity Fed Rainwater Harvesting System For Flushing Toilets and other applications - customer installations


This blog should be read in conjunction with this article on gravity fed rainwater harvesting

Gravity fed rainwater harvesting is a great way to add a little pressure to store water allowing a toilet cisterns to be filled and garden hose to be used.  

Check out some of our great customer installations here: 

Gravity fed tank to flush toilet

The installation above shows a 3P filter collector used to filter and divert rainfall. A 200l rainwater tank to store water. A RainAid valve to top up fitted into the tank to allow a mains back up. 

 280l wall tank gravity fed toilet

The installation above shows a 280l water tank placed on a heavy duty platform, the  rainwater in and mains water out pipes can be seen leading to from the toilet. 


The installation above shows a 280l water tank placed on a heavy duty wooden platform discharging to a 60 micron filter serving a out house. The Pre filter consists of a 3P filter collector just out of shot. 

Prestige water 60 micron filter.

The Prestige water low pressure 60 Micron filter being used to eliminate fine debris.  

The tank serves a sink used for non-potable applications. Note the rainwater tap outlet labelled as drinking water not suitable for drinking. 

Below the 125l  water butt is being used to drain to a downstairs WC. 

125l water butt gravity rainwater harvesting

An impressive mains water top 

Mains top up rainwater harvesting

The majority of gravity fed rainwater installations are typically installed with the tank and mains back up installed externally. The following installation shows the tank installed internally feeding the adjacent toilet. Once boarded up the tank will be invisible within the bathroom.



Below is an excellent example of a gravity fed rainwater harvesting system on a Victorian property. The tank has been strapped and supported and the mains back up is visible on the top of the tank.  

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