Water butt connector - rainwater downpipe black


Strata Ward Water Butt Filler Kit

This is Strata Ward Water Butt Filler Kit which showcases innovative UK design.  

This item diverts the rainwater direct from your downpipe into your water butt to keep it full!

To fit standard round and square down pipes up to 68mm outside diameter

 The Kit contains the following items:

  •  1 x Downpipe rainwater diverter
  •  1 x 1'' or 25mm ID connector pipe 490mm long
  •  1 x 3/4'' Bsp x 25mm hosetail connector
  •  1 x 3/4'' Bsp back nut 1 x 3/4'' Sealing washer
  •  1 x Set of fitting instructions
Why we like this product at freeflush? 
The 1" hose does not throttle the flows which reduces capture efficiency.
The connector can be used for both square and circualr downpipes.
If you require higher levels of filtration (800microns) or circular water butt connectors please see our other diverters.