Regendieb Pro Rainwater Harvesting Self Cleaning Filter


This is the Graf (Garantia) Self cleaning circular downpipe filter which showcases simple and innovative German design. 
This represents a step change in rainwater harvesting diverters since the diverter filters leaves and other contaminants whilst capturing the majority of rainwater. This principle is shown in image 1. 
Technical Specification: 
  • New filter principle with 75% greater filter area
  • Low maintenance due to optimised self-cleaning
  • Suitable for roof areas up to 200 m²
  • Slim design- only 16 mm distance between downpipe and outside wall
  • Turnable filter body for flexible connection
  • Reliably filters contaminations out of the rainwater
  • Fills the rainwater tank and prevents full rainwater storage tank from overflowing
  • Can be easily switched from summer to winter use by turning the adjusting collar
Why we like this product at freeflush? 
Steel filter mesh get the thumbs up! 
Suitable for domestic and commercial downpipes - 100mm. No socket required on UK 68mm downpipe! 
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The Rain It always Raineth.

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