RainAid RA20 Mains Backup Rainwater Harvesting Water Butt Valve


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The RainAid RA 20 is  a complete revolution as a mean of mains back up for tanks and butts.
The valve operates in a similar way to a float valve but rather than using a float, the valve uses a neutral weight. 
When the water level drops in the tank the valves open allowing the bottom of the tank to be filled to a level defined by the user (simply adjust the level of the weight).
As the water level rises either by mains back up or an alternative water source such as rainwater the valve closes, allowing the majority of the butt's storage to be used for rainwater. 
The result of using this valve means that your butt will always have water in it regardless of whether it has rained or not! 


    Click here to download the RA20 brochure.

    Why we like this product at freeflush? 
    Genuinely represents a step change in mains back up of tanks. 
    Simple design means there is no requirement for expensive, complicated, powered mains back up arrangements. 

    The Rain It always Raineth...