300l slim wall water butt - free diverter and tap!



This water butt is strong and reliable with a classic German design. It’s made from MDPE, a strong and thick material which doesn’t let any sunlight through, thereby stopping algae growth. It has a flat back so it can be stood against a wall or garden shed. You have a choice between a beige and green colour, allowing you to choose a water butt which best fits the colour scheme of your garden or patio.

You will receive a high quality £15 brass effect tap free with your order.

The package also includes a free downpipe combined filter and diverter worth £25. Simply use the drop down box above to chose the most suitable:  

  • Standard circular filler suitable for circular downpipes (68, 70 and 80mm grey or brown)
  • Quattro for square downpipes (65mm, grey, brown or beige)

To learn more about diverters and filters please see our collection here or blog here. 


The dimensions are as follows:

Capacity 300 litre 
Height  182 cm
Depth  37cm
Width  58cm


Dispatched to the UK Mainland within two working days of order. Delivery times vary, typically three working days.

If you are in the Manchester or North West area and want this item installed please send an email to arrange.

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