1500l Rainwater Utility Tank



This new water tank  combines excellent German innovative design and quality construction with a simple finish - perfect for the outdoor space. 

This tank has a huge 1500l storage capacity with a minimal footprint (120 x80cm)

This is a very solid construction dissimilar to other cheaper thin walled tanks available online. 

The thick opaque plastic blocks out light limiting algae growth. 


  • 2 x 3/4" Brass BSP Outlets
  • 2 x 2" Outlet Points (Hose connection for jubilee clip attachment)
  • 3 x Marked inlet / overflow points.

The tank comes in a combination of packages, select the most suitable from the drop down: 

  • Tank Only
  • Tank and Filter Collector Universal 
  • Utility Tank System Basic
  • Utility Tank System
  • Utility Tank System Professional

Learn more about the Filter Collector Universal here and the pumps here.

The dimensions are as follows. 

Capacity         1500l              

Height:           200cm     

Width:            120cm  

Depth:            78cm 

Weight (kg)     85                

If you are in the Manchester area and want this item installed please contact us.