Regendieb Original Selfcleaning Rainwater Filter and Rain Diverter - downpipes


This is the Graf (Garantia) Regendieb (Rain thief)  Self cleaning circular downpipe filter which showcases simple and innovative German design. 
This represents a step change in rainwater harvesting diverters since the diverter filters leaves and other contaminants whilst capturing the majority of rainwater. This principle is shown in image 2. 
The housing top (image 4) has an easy cut lid with precut grooves which can be cut to standard pipe dimensions (square and circular).
Technical Specification: 
  • Highest water-quality - reliably filters leaves and moss out of the rainwater
  • Slef-cleaning downpipe filter with stainless steel fine filter
  • Fills the rainwater tank and prevents full rainwater storage tank from overflowing
  • Can be easily switched from summer to winter use by turning over the filter insert
  • Downpipe sizes 7-10 cm
  • High water yield (approx. 90%)
  • Incl. inlet seal DN 19/32 suitable for all above ground tanks
  • Max. roof area 80 m²
Why we like this product at freeflush? 
Self cleaning capability gets the thumbs up! 
Near 100 % efficiency capacity get the thumbs up!
Accepts UK fittings. 
Fine STEEL mesh filter.                   

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