Rocky effect slim wall water butt - 400 litre capacity


Designed to sit flush against the wall, the slimline Rocky water butt still collects 400 litres of rainwater. Made of robust, high-quality plastic that is both UV and weather resistant, each Rocky is absolutely unique thanks to the finishing process.

Available in sandstone, redstone or granite to complement any exterior, the Rocky water butt is easy to install and use and since it’s designed for stability, you can use the flat top for plant pots to personalise your installation!

Unique features:

  • Decorative rainwater collector in lifelike stone look
  • Each Rocky wall tank is unique! ( Due to the special production process)
  • Particularly robust , high quality plastic material
  • Particularly UV-stable and weather-resistant
  • 2 brass threads ( 3/4“ ) for easy installation of the tap and extraction hose respectively emptying
  • Scope of supply: Wind protection and inlet seal

The package also includes a free downpipe combined filter and diverter worth £25. Simply use the drop down box above to chose the most suitable:  

  • Standard circular filler suitable for circular downpipes (68, 70 and 80mm grey or brown)
  • Quattro for square downpipes (65mm, grey, brown or beige)

To learn more about diverters and filters please see our collection here or blog here. 

 400 I Rocky Slim wall water butt

Width (mm)

Depth (mm)

Height (mm)

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