Rainwater Harvesting Top-up Controller with Pump Isolation and Alarm


Electronic control of mains water top-up and pump for domestic sized direct pressure rainwater harvesting installations.

Uses a solid state conductivity sensor to sense low water level, avoiding the movement and accuracy issues of a float switch. Conductivity sensors experience no mechanical wear during use leading to long lifespan and reliability.

Electronically timed top-up overrun alarm, halts operation and alerts the user in the event that the tank level fails to be replenished by the top-up cycle. Prevents potential wastage of water due to tank or duct failure. Alerts the user to failure of the solenoid valve.

Pump isolation is optional using the front power socket, and allows the Controller to isolate the pump during a top-up cycle to avoid water useage exceeding the rate of replenishment.

Water is topped up via a BSEN13076 and BS8515 compliant tundish.

Supplied with 15metre conductivity probe, 1/2” solenoid valve, tundish, stainless steel braided mains water connection hose, and 50mm tundish.


  • Max 10A ~1 230vac pump output for pump isolation control
  • Ingress Protection IP20
  • Pump Outlet fused at 10A
  • Electronic overvoltage protection
  • Solenoid test function (push button)
  • Halt and Reset
  • Mains top-up indicator

Items Included:

  • Control Unit - 97 x 163 x 62 mm, 0.5kg.
  • Level Probe - 15m cable (extendable to 30m).
  • Solenoid Valve - with 30cm braided hose and isolating valve (1/2“ F BSP).
  • 3P Tundish with overflow c/w wall mounting bracket, anti-spray nozzle and elbow. Tundish Overflow - 39mm (external) Tundish Outlet - 50mm (external)
  • Schuko plug adapter for pump connection
  • The set provides maximum siting flexibility