Large Water butt - Water Pillar - 525l with quality filter and tap


The following is a package which includes: 

- Water butt 

- Brass Tap (worth £10)

-  Rain water diverter/ filter (Guttermate) which helps the butt stay clear of vegetation (worth £30)

The EcoPillar is made from Industrial strength MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene), which is highly resistant to frost and damage.

All keen gardeners, whether your a beginner or an experienced gardener, need to collect rainwater in many cases it is better for the plants as tap water can be too hard for some plant, so more is always better. 

The EcoPillar is a range of unique high volume/low footprint  water butts which can be incorporated into gardens with limited space.

The water butt has a 3/4" BSP outlet on the front of the water butt and two 1" BSP outlets at the bottom of the water butt to give you maximum usage. 


Capacity (l)






Weight (kg)



Colour Availability






H:1100mm x W:840mm x D:650mm






Sandstone, Millstone Grit, Green Marble



All Ecopillars are provided with  2x 1" & 1x ¾ BSP outlets. 

Removable vented lids.

The ecopillars require the diverter to be installed.