Antique wall (flat back) amphora terracotta water butt - 260 litre capacity


Based on a design from the ancient world, no two pieces are identical thanks to the manufacturing process, making your amphora water butt absolutely unique. The integrated planter cup makes this a stunning and functional feature for your garden.

Unique features:

  • Faithful replication of a terracotta vase
  • Each tank is unique and highly elaborate details due to the moulding process 
  • Particularly space-saving – tank is just 54 cm deep
  • Integrated plant cup for an individual design
  • Water can be extracted with ease using the tap or universal hose kit (accessories)
  • Wind protection, inlet seal DN 19/32 and plant fleece included in scope of supply
  • Particularly UV-stable and weather resistant

The package also includes a free downpipe combined filter and diverter worth £25. Simply use the drop down box above to chose the most suitable:  

  • Standard circular filler suitable for circular downpipes (68, 70 and 80mm grey or brown)
  • Quattro for square downpipes (65mm, grey, brown or beige)

To learn more about diverters and filters please see our collection here or blog here.

    The package also includes a quality brass tap. 

    This product is avilable in a "full version" i.e not flat back which can be seen here and here.

     260 l sandstone


    Width (mm)

    Height (mm)

    Weight (kg)