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Water Saving - water efficiency for new dwellings... the regs 0

Simple measures can easily be included in new buildings, and retrofitted to old, to help reduce householders' water usage often at little or no cost to the developer, if incorporated into the initial design. .
  • Jack Cairney

Water Saving in the home - what are the financial savings? 0

Fresh water is a valuable commodity, reducing consumption, even in areas without shortages, is a great way of helping the environment.
  • free flush
How Energy Will Change in the Future...

How Energy Will Change in the Future... 0

As the world continues to move forward, key areas of our life will begin to change. One major area looking to evolve with the times is our interaction with energy.

  • free flush

Did someone say hosepipe ban... 0

With increasingly erratic weather patterns in the UK droughts are becoming a common feature of our summers. Periods of heavy rainfall throughout the winter can often be followed by prolonged dry spells during the summer. The average is one drought every 5-10 years however with the ever-looming threat of global warming this is only likely to increase.
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