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Freeflush Rainwater Harvesting Blog

Blending water butts into landscape and garden design...

Blending water butts into landscape and garden design... 0

As we emerge from an exceptionally wet winter, water butts may not be the first element you consider when putting together a new landscaping project or garden design. However, whether your planting plan is for a bijou back garden or a large scale landscape layout, incorporating water butts at an early stage will enable you to blend them into the design. 
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How extreme were the Carlisle floods?

How extreme were the Carlisle floods? 0

The festive month didn't get off to the best of starts for the people of Carlisle when Storm Desmond paid the north western town an unwelcome visit. Over a period of less than 24 hours the usually picturesque streets were transformed into a landscape more suitable for kayaking than the morning commute.
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Billion Dollar Change - create abundance or minimise waste? 0

Let’s be frank; if many of us created a business that generated a multi-billion dollar income then we would probably spend it on a plethora of fast cars, impossibly-ornate properties and a lifestyle that is guaranteed to end with our hearts imploding. Manoj Bhargava, the energy drink entrepreneur, has chosen not to follow that familiar path though and ploughs the vast majority of his profits back into the words needy, or their needs at least. His recent documentary "Billion Dollar Change" is truly inspiring.
  • Junaid Patel

Water butt connector or water butt filter...? 0

Autumn is a beautiful season. Our parks and gardens are changing colour and we all love the sound of crisp crunching leaves under foot. The rain will start to fall too – what a great time to fill up our water butts! Leaves, twigs and other autumnal debris combined with water butts are not a good mix. Leaves block gutters and drainpipes and fill water butts, blocking the taps and giving off that funky smell that is more suited to a compost heap. But don’t worry, this isn’t just ‘one of those things’ that you have to accept, there are answers and we have them!
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