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Freeflush Rainwater Harvesting Blog


Water butt connector or water butt filter...? 0

Autumn is a beautiful season. Our parks and gardens are changing colour and we all love the sound of crisp crunching leaves under foot. The rain will start to fall too – what a great time to fill up our water butts! Leaves, twigs and other autumnal debris combined with water butts are not a good mix. Leaves block gutters and drainpipes and fill water butts, blocking the taps and giving off that funky smell that is more suited to a compost heap. But don’t worry, this isn’t just ‘one of those things’ that you have to accept, there are answers and we have them!
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Which wall hung water butt?

Which wall hung water butt? 0

Wall-mounted water butts 

So you’ve decided to ‘green-up’ and save rainwater to keep your garden green (and your neighbours green with envy). You’ve found our site, looked at the lovely pictures, and then you came across a page about wall-mounted water butts – whoa! Who knew that this was even a choice?!

Let’s have a look at why a wall-mounted water butt might be a great choice for you.

  • Junaid Patel

Which is the rainiest city in the UK? 0

So, we had some er... feedback from our last post regarding rainwater harvesting in the North West, but as awesome as the analysis was it didn't answer the question on everyone's lips:

Which is the rainiest city in the UK, is it Manchester? 

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The Rain it always Manchester.

The Rain it always Manchester. 2

Being based in Manchester is a blessing when you're rainwater harvesting

We're often asked 'How often does it rain in Manchester?' so we decided to find out! 

  • Junaid Patel