Polished stone effect 2 in 1 water tank butt with planter -350 litre


With a very generous 350l capacity, this elegant stone effect water butt is a stylish and contemporary way to harvest rainwater for your garden. The integrated planter can be easily removed for watering and adds an individual finish to your water butt.

Manufactured from high-quality material for a natural smooth stone finish, this very modern looking water tank is available in two finishes: lava or silver for a modern look.

Unique Features:

  • Modern design 
  • High-quality and smooth natural stone look
  • 2 functions: rainwater storage and decoration
  • The water tank includes two high-quality brass threads and an integrated plant cup

 The package also includes a free downpipe combined filter and diverter worth £25. Simply use the drop down box above to chose the most suitable:  

  • Standard circular filler suitable for circular downpipes (68, 70 and 80mm grey or brown)
  • Quattro for square downpipes (65mm, grey, brown or beige)

To learn more about diverters and filters please see our collection here or blog here.

Ø max. (mm)

Height (mm)

Weight (kg)