Rainwater Harvesting Adhesive Labels Sticker Pack


Rainwater Harvesting Warning Label Pack  as stipulated in BS8515. .

These  labels help  clearly identify rainwater supplies in the home and garden and are typically required for your rainwater harvesting installation in accordance with the requirements of BS8515.. 

The labels are printed on heavy duty vinyl and are suitable for outdoor use.

The pack includes:

1 x Mains Water Warning Label - place near the incoming mains water supply to make clear that there is an auxillary rainwater supply to the premises

1 x Water Supply  Warning Label - place in a prominent position so that the home owner or service engineer is aware of the rainwater supply

1 x Garden Tap Warning Label -  place near the garden tap

1 x Not Suitable for Drinking  Warning Label - to identify at any tap or appliance that the water supply is from your rainwater harvesting system and not mains water supply. Apply to the side of all appliances where rainwater is used.

6 x Rainwater Pipe Identification labels for application to all visible and buried pipework where clear identification is required. 

We offer mixed labeling kits for rainwater harvesting systems. Please contact us if you require a different mix pack. 

All labels are 102mm wide, varying height.

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