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Spring Has Officially Sprung


It’s fast approaching that time of year again where many gardeners are getting itchy fingers. Glimpses of the warm weather to come have made brief, but very definite appearances. Many of us even ventured out into the garden to try and make start on plans for this year.

We were all then very quickly brought back down to earth by storm Doris, raging through the UK, causing destruction wherever it went. Any early progress was halted and much of any work already done was rendered worthless. However despite this initial setback, things are beginning to pick up again.

Getting a Head Start

We are now into meteorological spring, a turning point for many that means we can actually get out into the garden again. As the snowdrops come and go, daffodils start to make an appearance and maybe even the odd crocus begins to flower, we know that we are nearly there. Seeds that have been bought and stored throughout the winter can be organised, and plans for the garden can be made.

Many of us will already have a good idea of what we want to get on with, having sat inside for the past few months plotting this year’s display or harvest. Whilst warm days in the garden may still be a few weeks away, there are plenty of things that you can be getting on with now.  

Getting ahead on certain things now will save you time in height of summer when you’ll be too busy harvesting your produce, and tending to your garden, to do anything else. Now can be a good time to get on with some of the bigger garden tasks; things that will make your life easier throughout this growing season and maybe some larger jobs that you have been putting off.

Water Supply

Access to water is a necessity for any gardener; if you want your plants to grow well over the summer, regular watering is the key. If you have been using a hosepipe or watering can filled from a tap, somewhere along the line you’ll be paying for it, whether you’re on a water meter or not. Plus using water that has been processed and filtered, prior to making its way to your property, is massively unsustainable and a real drain on unnecessary resources.

A really good alternative to this, which can be installed on almost any property, is a water butt. With such a wide range available these days, all affordable and simple to fit, these are by far the most economical and sustainable choice for many home gardeners. Even if your downpipe or drainpipe is in an inconvenient location there are plenty of products, such as rainwater pumps, available to get things how you want them.

By installing a rainwater harvesting system you can put your water supply right where you need it. You can benefit from free water for as long as you need it and all for a small initial outlay.

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