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Revealed: The Wettest Cities in the UK


Our latest infographic has revealed the wettest cities in the UK.

Using data available from the Met Office we were able to rank cities based on total annual rainfall and those living in Cardiff may be surprised to learn that the Welsh capital has taken the top spot. This is thanks to experiencing 1152 mm of rainfall annually.

Other cities that made the top 5 include: St Davids, Glasgow, Bangor and Truro.

The infographic also shows which cities you are less likely to need an umbrella in. London has been named the driest city and is closely followed by Cambridge, Derry and Ely.

To make the infographic that bit more interesting, we’ve also created a table that looks at the total number of rainy days experienced by each city annually.

So take a look at your city below and see how it compares? Are your surprised by the results?


Regardless of whether you're in a wet or dry city there's always benefits to rainwater harvesting, check out some of our products here.   

Revealed: The Wettest Cities in the UK - An infographic by the team at Freeflush

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  • Jack Cairney
Comments 2
  • minibeast

    Fascinating, but the map would be easier to understand if the raindrop sizes matched the key. York is shown the same size as Leeds and Bradford, and Cardiff the same size as Newport, for instance.

  • David

    The map shows two #35 markers. One is clearly not Dundee – probably it’s supposed to be a smaller raindrop for St Albans, #36.

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