How to filter rainwater for larger rainwater harvesting systems? Posted on 16 Jun 09:11 , 0 comments

So perhaps you've already read our previous blog; Water butt connector or water butt filter...? or you've read our Knowledge Up page on downpipe diverters  and are wondering what the next stages of rainwater filtration are? Well the infographic below should explain all.  

With good planning and the right components a rainwater harvesting system can be nearly maintenance free and  the rainwater quality is ideal for many uses, in both the home and the workplace. A professional system will have 4 stages of cleaning rainwater. The infographic below walks through the process of rainwater filtration in a bit more detail focusing on: 

1. Rainwater downpipe filtration  

2. Calmed inlet 

3. Floating Intake

4. Siphon overflow 

How to filter rainwater from your downpipe to your water butt