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Blending water butts into landscape and garden design...

Blending water butts into landscape and garden design...

As we emerge from an exceptionally wet winter, water butts may not be the first element you consider when putting together a new landscaping project or garden design. However, whether your planting plan is for a bijou back garden or a large scale landscape layout, incorporating water butts at an early stage will enable you to blend them into the design. After all, it's not long ago that prolonged dry periods meant water shortages and hosepipe bans. Where water meters are in place using butts for rainwater harvesting makes financial sense too – and establishing a free water supply reduces ongoing maintenance costs of any garden or landscape scheme. There are added environmental bonuses as water collected direct hasn't been treated or transported, and rainwater from roofs is free from the chemicals used to treat tap water. While additives ensure tap water is healthy for us to drink, it’s not always best for plants. And finally, rainwater brings the bonus of nutrients absorbed from plant debris on its way to the butt, so it’s not surprising many plants prefer it.


While optimising planting and design features is a priority in any garden or landscape design, the position of a water butt will be determined by the water collection points available. It must be near a down pipe on a building or next to a shed or greenhouse – so very likely in sight and on or by a path. The challenge for the designer then is to source and position water butts that fit available space and blend with the desired scheme. This is where Freeflush can help as we've selected a range of water butts to suit all style, shape and capacity requirements. For sedate rustic gardens we have a brown rectangular rattan look tank that sits discretely against a wall. If you'd rather a rustic butt made a statement you can settle for a bigger barrel design that wouldn't look out of place in pub garden. If you’re looking to create a more contemporary feel, our slim stone or wood effect tank  sits snugly against a wall and is a great unobtrusive space saver. In contrast, for a statement in contemporary water storage we have a rainwater barrel that doubles as a planter, available in a range of subtle colours.


While looks are important your water butt of choice must also work so choose a diverter that will fit the situation. When water comes from roofs via gutters it inevitably collects leaf and plant litter that can block the flow to your water butt – so a filter is advisable.  A range of solutions are available to ensure rainwater flows freely and Freeflush stock rainwater filters and diverters to suit situations and budgets. For example to ensure debris does not clog your water collection a self cleaning downpipe filter is a good option - or you may want to fit a leaf separator on the down pipe – which prevents blocked drains as well as clogged butts.


Whichever option you choose, a stylish water butt blended into your design will ensure easy watering and flourishing plants throughout the seasons.

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