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10 ways to go green this summer

10 ways to go green this summer

Go Green in 2018 with freeflush

We’ve all heard of being green and living sustainably; the vast majority of us like the idea of it, but how many of us actually make a positive change and start doing something about it? People live busy lives these days, convenience is everything. If something is going to add to your already growing list of things to do it’s unlikely that you’re going to stick with it.

What about the cost? If going green is going to add further bills to an already stretched budget then that’s the end of it for most people; but that’s where they’re wrong. You’re not just going just going to be saving the planet, you’re going to be saving your wallet too. Many changes that you can make to go green will reduce your consumption and save you money; it’s all about thinking a little bit more and spending a little bit less. Doing things like switching to energy saving light bulbs might be an expense that you hadn’t accounted for but in the long run the savings far outweigh the initial outlay.

Of course a lot of people simply aren’t aware of what impact they have on the environment. Decisions on what to buy are made on price alone on a lot of occasions. This isn’t how it should be, by educating yourself on where things come from and what impact they are having on the environment and other communities, you can make informed decisions on what you are purchasing. This may mean something as simple as switching from one brand to another, that company may be more ethical and have a more transparent supply chain. You can almost guarantee that if a company doesn’t want you to know about their values or where they source their products from then it probably isn’t good.

There are also lots of things that you can do inside your home itself that will help the environment. Turn down your thermostat by a couple of degrees, put a jumper on rather than turn the heating up. You’ll soon adjust to it and the savings will be instantaneous. Recycling is another big one in the home. First of all are you recycling absolutely everything that you can? Are you breaking down your recycling as far as possible? It also starts much earlier than that, are you conciencously thinking about what the products you buy are packaged in? Just choosing a product that is packaged in recyclable material over something that you will have to throw away is a great start.

Don’t think that one person can’t make a difference? If everybody thought like that nothing would ever get done. Protecting and preserving the environment is everybody’s responsibility and everything that we do or buy or consume has an impact on it, whether that’s positive or negative. By making some small changes, with minimal added effort, you can transform your lifestyle and make big difference to your impact on the environment.


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  • Jack Cairney
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