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Rainfall in Manchester

Rainfall in Manchester

The following graph is a rainfall duration curve using 89 years of daily rainfall data for south west Manchester , that’s over 32,000 data points between 1924 and 2013!

It is observed that rainfall occurs for 55% of the days on record! The maximum rainfall was recorded was 65.7mm on 30/4/1994.

Rather than use a generic approach as detailed elsewhere , a rainwater harvesting supply demand model has been developed by freeflush to optimise our rainwater harvesting systems in favour of cost-benefit . We aim to provide optimised systems with a payback of less than 10years. Our systems are unlike others on the market which aim to provide drought protection, which consequently impacts on storage requirements which in turn impacts initial outlay.

We have realised to provide an optimum system a detailed analysis must be used.

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