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Prestige Water Butt FAQs

1. Can the Prestige Water Butt be mounted asymmetrically around the downpipe. 

Yes is the short answer, see this image. Simply remove one of the two planter caps in the top of the water butt and direct the downpipe into the tank. This provides ~14cm offset perfect if your downpipe is coming down the edge of a wall. A typical gully drain is 30-40cm wide so no modification to the outlet pipe should be required. If it is an issue simply purchase a downpipe offset kit here

2. I've been asked to provide rainwater attenuation storage for my new house extension can the Prestige Water Butt be used for this? 

Yes. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

3. Can I link more than one water butt together? 

Yes. The linking kits are free for more than one purchase. See this image here. Simply fix the secondary water butts ~20mm higher than the primary water butt. This ensures the primary overflow is the operating overflow and the secondary water butt overflows do not operate. Simply screw the linking kits into the 3/4" female moulded fittings in the tank. The linking kit is supplied with ~30cm of hose this can be snipped to suit. PTFE is useful for all threaded or barbed fittings to prevent small leaks.

4. Can the Prestige water butt be used to use to fill remote water butts?

Yes the Prestige water butt can act as a rainwater hub. Simply attach a length of hose between the Prestige water butt and the remote water butt. Please note that the Prestige water butt will fill other remote water butts to the level of its overflow. Ideally the receiving water butt will be set such that the top is level with the Prestige overflow and so only the Prestige overflow comes into operation. If it is set lower an overflow will be required on the receiving water butt however this will also determine the max level in the Prestige. This is an effective method of achieving 100% yield since there are no diverter losses which may lose up to 80% of the flow volume during heavy storms. 

5. Can the inside be cleaned?

Yes. simply pop a hose into the tank via the top planter access and either remove the tap or side bung and allow the fine silt to be washed out into a bucket. 

6. The brackets don't appear square, is that right?

Well spotted! That's correct the concealed L-brackets are not quite 90 degrees this is to fit with the base of the water butt and allow the water butt to "lean back" against the wall, when fitted in the correct orientation. The top screws are simply there to prevent water butt from tipping forward, they should not carry weight and not be overtightened.  

7. Does the Prestige bulge when full like other slimline water butts?

All water butts bulge a when full, some noticeably more than others. However, part of the Prestige's patented design has an anti bulge feature which limits bulging. This is the reason for the hole in the front which runs through to the back - a tension bar. As the water butt fill - the brackets on the base allow movement and the top fixings should not be overtightened to allow movement also.

8. Should I drain the tank in winter?

When the mould was first made the note regarding "Drain In Winter" was included as precautionary. Over 25 years The Original Wall Mounted Water butt Company (now Prestige Water) learned 2 things: 

  1. A tank sat against a house will very rarely  freeze due to it being in contact with thermal mass of the house 
  2. Since MDPE is a frost proof and the tank is vented to atmosphere i.e. not pressurised, freezing does not cause an issue. The additional volume simply occupies the space available to it as it would if water was left in a barrel and froze. 

9. Will this fit 65mm square downpipe? 

Yes, the inlet hole is 80mm diameter and a square imprint has been provided for 65mm square downpipe, see here. The corners of the imprint  may require minor trimming to allow the square downpipe to enter. An alternative is to use a square to circular adaptor -widely available. The raised inlet box section is 100mm square, the hidden rebate is ~95mm wide and 105mm deep at the apex.

10. What diameter is the overflow spigot and how does it work?

The overflow spigot is stepped, the main diameter is 61mm to suit 68, 65,70,75 and 80mm downpipe this steps down to 53mm outer diameter so it can fit inside old cast iron down pipe ( 2 1/2"). 

The spigot simply enters the discharge downpipe spigot-socket, since the water runs under gravity as opposed to pressure a seal is not required as with all downpipe connections. 

11. Which drill bit and driver bit should I use ? 

The current drill bit required is 8mm for the plugs and PZ3 for the driver.

12. Prestige Water ‘End-of-Life’ Policy:

MDPE is an extremely hard wearing material and some of the Original Prestige water butts are still in use today -25 years after production! If the tank has come to the end of its useful life please inform the Retailer or Distributor and collection will be arranged so the item can be recycled.