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Domestic Rainwater Harvesting

We live in a world of ever depleting resources. Is it really acceptable to capture, transport, filter and chemically treat our most precious resource only to flush it down the toilet? In the UK, this is currently the fate of 30% of our drinkable water.  

Freeflush is different. 

We are experienced Chartered Civil Engineers, Hydrologists and Water Quality Scientists with extensive experience in hydrology , hydraulics and water quality.

Our experience has been gained through years of working in the water industry on large scale water capture, storage and reuse schemes. We’ve adapted our knowledge, experience and innovation  to address the challenges facing domestic users and optimise our solutions for maximum return.

Other rainwater harvesting systems can be expensive, difficult to install, difficult to maintain, have complicated control systems,  require a large footprint and have significant pay back periods, typically greater than 20 years.

At freeflush we believe rainwater harvesting should be simple and accessible to all households so the kits have been designed after discussions with manufacturers to do exactly that.  Likewise we believe that rainwater harvesting should be able to offer some tangible cost benefit notwithstanding the clear environmental benefit. 

Our  kits are designed to provide high quality, innovate rainwater harvesting solutions at all capacities, making rainwater harvesting accessible to everyone .

Freeflush only stocks products which we have direct experience of using, which we have confidence in and which have a proven track record. Similarly, we have strong ties with the product manufacturers which allow us to introduce innovation through feedback.

We understand our products intimately, so have no issues when it comes to dealing with enquiries.

Each of the products we stock has unique features which makes it stand head and shoulders above the rest:

  • Our water butts are UV stabilised and rotationally moulded from medium density polyethylene making the butts weather resistant and opaque, limiting sunlight which can promote algae growth.
  • Our filters and diverters have high flow, self cleaning or bulk cleaning features providing high rainwater harvesting efficiency and limiting debris build up in the butt.
  • Our Kits have been designed to limit the footprint required, are complete, simple “plug and play” solutions which provide significant water savings and tangible cost benefit.
Please take a look at our products to see more of what we have to offer. 


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