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Selling Rainwater to the British: Freeflush Rainwater Harvesting acquires The Original Wall Mounted Water Butt Company


Pioneering UK rainwater harvesting company, Freeflush, has announced its acquisition of The Original Wall Mounted Butt Company (OWMBC) as it continues to make advances in its commitment to helping customers save money on water bills - and saving the planet’s resources. 

The acquisition represents further growth for the company which has seen rapid increases during 2017 with forecasts for 2018 showing an even steeper rise in its innovative water saving products.  Incorporating The Original Wall Mounted Water Butt Company’s water butt into its range of rainwater harvesting equipment will see Freeflush takes its place firmly on the map of responsible providers of UK manufactured rainwater harvesting equipment for home and business. 

The move comes at a time when some water companies have already applied for a drought permit and are not ruling out a hosepipe ban.

Prestige water butt on housing development

Flushing out waste

Established in 2016 Freeflush uses its years of engineering experience to design innovative and effective rainwater harvesting solutions - from simple wall hung water butts for the home to large underground tanks with pumped control for business and industry.

One key product of the OWMBC is the Prestige Water Butt which allows domestic users to harvest rainwater whilst retaining available ground space for other uses. Discreet and effective, it has a more asymmetric aesthetic design than other ground-based models. As it is mounted at a height, this allows easier filling of watering cans and direct irrigation. This product has been received well and installed by many by house builders and housing associations largely due to its sleek aesthetic design.

The Prestige Water Butt was designed and patented in 1992 by Tim Jeffrey after he saw the shocking news story of a child who had drowned in a conventional water barrel.  Determined to help prevent the recurrence of such a tragedy, Tim realised that the solution was a flat wall-mounted tank with an internal diverter which would allow water to fit into small spaces without projecting too far. The product was launched onto the market in 1994, quickly receiving accolades and awards including The Chelsea Flower Show’s ‘Best New Product’ in 1995.  

Prestige Water Butt

Clean water, green future

As well as this important safety feature, Freeflush was quick to recognise the environmental benefits of the product - in a world of ever depleting resources, Freeflush works tirelessly to educate and provide water saving solutions. The Freeflush Water Butt is crafted from recycled plastic, effectively capturing waste plastic and preventing it from damaging the environment.  Earlier this month, Prime Minister, Theresa May, pledged to eradicate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042 and, Freeflush is proud to be doing its part for such an important cause.

The Environment Agency for England and Wales has already classified some areas of the UK as under serious water stress due to the huge volumes of water which are wasted every day. 

Harvested rainwater can be used to water gardens and clean building exteriors as well as flushing toilets and washing clothes in washing machines, the latter two of which make up 43% of a household’s total water usage.

A number of Freeflush products are currently listed with the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme, offering savings on water bills and tax incentives to UK businesses which pay corporation or income tax.  The scheme will allow businesses to write off 100% of the cost of water saving equipment against tax in the year of purchase


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