Value Rainwater Harvesting Package 250l butt, silverline or hozelock pump and filter


Complete Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting Kit

This is a complete garden Rainwater Harvesting System for the gardening enthusiast and will allow you to water and plan your watering regime. 

The main kit includes: 

  • 250 litre water butt (including water butt stand and tap) 
  • Choice of self cleaning high capture efficiency filter /diverter 
  • Silverline or Hozelock submersible pump 


  • Avoid hosepipe bans and reduce mains water consumption by using rainwater collected on your rooftop. 
  • No need to bend down to fill your water butt. 
  • Mains back up available (please enquire) so the butt has water in it regardless if it has rained or not
  • tank gauge allows you to plan your watering regime 
  • rainwater is better for plants 

 The Butt 

The tanks is high quality moulded plastic. Solid construction with minimal deformation. The tank is dissimilar to cheaper thin walled tanks available. 

Approximate Tank dimensions are:

Height : 115 cm

Diameter : 60 cm

The Pump:

This 400W pump is for use in water butts and other large water containers. 1/2" quick-connect pump outlet for use with conventional garden hose connectors. Max pumping height 12m. Max pumping capacity 2500ltr/hr. Max depth 8m. Max grain size 3mm. Supplied with 10m of cable.

Recognised and trusted throughout the UK and Europe, Silverline’s comprehensive range of tools meets both current and future demands. New products, utilising the latest technology, are being delivered every day, ensuring Silverline customers get the very latest tools.

The filter/diverter : 

This butt ALSO includes a filter of your choice please include your choice of filter in the checkout notes. The diverters /filters available are

  1. Graf Quattro - Self cleaning feature filter maintains  constant supply of clean water. Suitable for UK  65mm square downpipe (grey/brown). 
  2. Graf Filler - Self cleaning feature filter maintains  constant supply of clean water. Suitable for UK circular 68mm  (grey/brown)