Rainwater Harvesting Package - 525l water butt, filter and Hozelock garden pump



The following is an entirely complete rainwater harvesting package for using rain water in the garden or washing down cars etc. and includes the following:

  • 525 litre High Quality Water Butt  
  • Hozelock submersible water butt pump 
  • Choice of filter /diverter 
  • 3/4" Plastic tap 
The Water butt
  • The 525 ltr water butt has three water draw off points, a 3/4" BSP positioned 300mm from the ground, allowing enough room to get a watering can underneath. The second and third are 1" BSP and situated either side of the tank at the bottom, allowing access to the full capacity of the butt.
  • The water butt has deep ribs to give the tank heightened strength and stability.
  • The entire lid on the 525 litre water butt is removable, which can be used for inspection or installing a submersible water pump.
  • Durable plastic made 5-6mm thick to ensure a quality product.
  • Dims Height 1.1m , WIdth 0.48m, L= 0.65


The Filter 
A choice from the following: 


  • Ward High Flow filler - excellent high capture efficiency diverter with no filtration 
  • Guttermate - excellent filter - prevents leaves entering your water butt and drainage system 
  • Graf Quattro - Self cleaning feature filter maintains  constant supply of clean water
See our listings to learn more about the unique filters. 


The Pump - Hozelock Submersible 3 in 1 pump 
  • This powerful, high quality pump is quiet in use, and has a two year guarantee.
  • The pump can also be used to move clean water around the garden e.g. to transfer the water from a paddling pool to a water butt.
  • The pump is supplied with a 10m cable with fitted plug. Two filters : Coarse filter on the inlet to protect the pump, and a fine filter on the outlet to protect your Hozelock watering equipment from contamination.
  • High pressure pump (1.1bar), max flow 2200 lph. Allows the use of stored rain water / grey water with any Hozelock watering product.
  • To use, simply place in a water butt, connect a hose to the outlet , and switch on.

If you are in the Greater Manchester area and want this item installed please contact us to arrange.