Water butt connector - rainwater downpipe self cleaning filter Garantia


This  self cleaning downpipe filter showcases simple and innovative German design. 
This represents a step change in rainwater harvesting diverters since the diverter filters leaves and other contaminants whilst capturing the majority of rainwater. This principle is shown in image 2. 

This model also comes with the linking kit (Image 5) which includes a tank connector and a solid piece hose. 


Technical Specification: 
  • Suitable for UK square downpipes (65mm)
  • Easy to switch from summer to winter operation
  • High water yield (approx. 90 %)
  •  ¾" side outlet
  • With internal sieve
  • Max. roof area 50 m²
  • Measurements (L x W x H): 103 x 133 x 119 mm)
Why we like this product at freeflush? 
Self cleaning capability gets the thumbs up! 
If you require higher levels of filtration (800microns) or circular water butt connectors please see our other Diverts and Filters 
If you need some help with picking the right filter for you, check out our comparison table here.


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