Hozelock Water Butt Pump


Hozelock Watering Systems

The Hozelock Water Butt Pump uses stored water to water your garden and plants. The high pressure pump (1.1 bar) has a maximum flow of 2,200 litres per hour. The Water Butt Pump allows the use of stored rain water and/or grey water with any Hozelock watering product. It can also be used to move clean water around the garden, for example to transfer the water from a paddling pool to a water butt. The pump is supplied with a 10m cable and a fitted plug.

How to prime a Hozelock Water Butt Pump (2826) from Hozelock.

There are two filters included, a coarse filter on the inlet to protect the pump, and a fine filter on the outlet to protect your Hozelock watering equipment from contamination

The high pressure garden pump that allows you to use stored rain water or grey water
To use simply connect a hose to the outlet, place in a water butt, and switch on. The pump can be used to power Hozelock guns or sprinklers.
This powerful, high quality pump is quiet in use, and has a two year guarantee.


  • Power Consumption:500w
  • Maximum Pressure:3.5 bar
  • Maximum Flow:3000 lph
  • Submersible:No