750 litre Slim Rainwater Harvesting Tank


The robust baffled 750 ltr potable water tank is perfect for storing large amounts of water in and is perfect for a car valeter or window cleaner who needs a large supply of water on hand. Easy to store in your van or vehicle the professional car valeter or window cleaner will need to look no further for water.

Ecosure water tanks are made here on site to meet all standards and are made with quality and extra strength and durability. Made from medium density polyethylene our new 750 Litre comes with an 8" lid and vent. All Ecosure tanks are seamless, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

The 750 V1 water tank also comes pre fitted with a 1" BSP outlet which is at the bottom of the tank. This can be used to connect a pressure washer or just a brass tap

This water tank is not suitable for drinking water storage. If you require a drinking water tank please see potable version.

Length: 1250 mm
Height: 1100 mm
Width: 600 mm