3P Rainwater Filter Collector Universal Downpipe Filter


Self Cleaning  Rainwater Filter Collector Universal Downpipe Filter

3P Technik make high quality rainwater harvesting accessories, and this is a great addition to their range of products. It is a downpipe diverter which thoroughly filters the water which passes through it. This will ensure that the water in your water butt is as pure as possible. If the butt is full, the filter becomes an overflow outlet.

Ideal for Water Butts

It has a high capture efficiency of 95%, catching everything from leaves to dust and dirt. This will prevent sludge from building up in your water butt, which in turn will halt the growth of algae. Without sludge, you also don't have to worry about breakages occurring when you pump your water. The body of the diverter is made from high quality durable plastic, whilst the filter mesh itself is made from stainless steel.

It fits UK round downpipes from 68 mm to 110 mm, and all square downpipes from 65 mm to 75 mm. The outlet adapter can be attached to pipes or hoses which are 75 mm (3 inches), 50 mm (2 inches) or 32 mm (1¼ inches). A hose is included with the diverter.


  • Hose to connect to a remote water butt
  • Tank connector comprising backnut, washer, hosetail and jubilee clip
  • Drill bit to drill tank, water butt or IBC to receive tank connector 

The following clip shows how to operate the 3P filter:

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