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The Official Rainwater Harvesting Playlist - Rainy Rhythms

The Official Rainwater Harvesting Playlist - Rainy Rhythms

The 10 Wettest Songs in the World

In the UK, we try our best to be happy bedfellows with rainfall. The general British attitude is to simply accept the fact that it rains a lot, and, let's be honest, there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. How do we react? We embrace the drops. We live in harmony with the heavens. We are at peace with precipitation! In fact, rain plays quite an important part in our culture and spirit as a nation – often reflected in music. So to celebrate our wet country, here's our 10 favourite rainy hits, for you to enjoy:

1. Umbrella (2007) – Rihanna & Jay-Z

With all her fancy umbrella dancing, it's easy to miss some brilliant rainy phrases in this record, such as “in anticipation for precipitation” and “Rain Man is back with Little Mis Sunshine”. Whether you're pro-umbrella or prefer to brave the elements, you have to appreciate Rihanna's skill to make a catchy song about this weather tool. Who knew rain could be made sexy, eh?

2. Set Fire To The Rain (2011) – Adele

Although we wouldn't advise setting fire to the rain, Adele offers us some great imagery in this power ballad. Rain is often likened to crying, or tears in musical lyrics, but we really don't understand the negative link. When we think rain we envisage lush, green fields, gushing waterfalls and cosy pub meals by the fireside (perhaps a little Port too).

3. Purple Rain (1984) – Prince

The mere thought of mysterious purple rain gives us the shivers a little... but then Prince's amazing guitar solo gives us warm fuzzies again. This ballad has been covered and covered and covered again and again, but we firmly believe this royal version is the best. Did you know he made a film of the same title? That's going on the list.

4. Why Does It Always Rain On Me (1999) – Travis

One aspect of our culture that isn't so appealing is the tendency to moan – and this pick is a shining example. Travis are a Scottish band, who we assumed were inspired by the wet weather up north, but this song was actually written holidaying in the middle east. An apparent attempt to escape rainy Glasgow!

5. It's Raining Men (1982) – The Weather Girls

Oh dear, it's here. Three exuberant women singing and dancing as their dream selection of men fall from the sky. There's both a severe cringe-factor and an hilarious element to this video. What's that you say? Geri Halliwell did it better? We don't know what you're talking about. One thing we did learn from this song is that 'Mother Nature is a single woman', apparently.

6. Sunshine After The Rain (1977) – Elkie Brooks

Often remade into modern day club remixes, the unadulterated, original version of this track is still the best. One of the more memorable lines is “bluebirds flying over the mountains again” and the “silver lining shining over the rainbow's end”. Just lovely. Although one thing we can't reconcile – why would Elkie want to get rid of the rain?!

7. Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (1971) - Creedance Clearwater Revival

Perhaps a question best directed at someone in central Australia, this is nonetheless an absolute legendary song. The band also recorded 'Who'll Stop the Rain?' in 1978. Although some have suggested the “rain” refers to bombs dropping during the Vietnam War, we think Creedance clearly have links to rain in their roots, and we wholeheartedly support this band's mission to revive clearwater in communities across the world, one tune at a time!

8. Rain (1966) – The Beatles

Granted, this is not one of their best known hits, but coming from the Paperback Writer single, as a B-side, it's pretty impressive. Although slightly repetitive in lyrics, and barely a drop of the subject in question to be seen in the video, this is a classic tribute to the great British wet weather that this band grew up in.

9. Cloudbusting (1985) – Kate Bush

Kate was clearly ahead fo her time with her music but was she also signalling a new era of rainwater harvesting?! Quite a story of inventions and contraptions reminiscent of freeflush the early days! There's an underlying positive feeling in this song; a sense of looking hopefully to the future and perhaps the inspiration of "running up that hill". The song follows the journey of "inventor" William Reich and his son as they try to use their elaborate device to instigate the rain! Essentially making Kate one of the early pioneers of "active rainwater havesting"!!.  Perhaps the most famous line from this song is "Ooh, I just know that something good is going to happen" (lifted later by Utah Saints) clearly a sign of things to come ....


10. Singing in the Rain (1952) – Gene Kelly

You knew we couldn't complete this rainy playlist without it! Probably one of the most upbeat, energetic characters imaginable for someone drenched in a stormy city scene. Children love playing in the rain – whatever happened to that? As adults we seem to have forgotten how to leave the umbrella behind and have fun. We challenge you to try it.

The next time a lovely thunderstorm rolls into town, give your foot a little tappity-tap in the puddles. Go on, take the lead from good, old Gene.

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